New Frontiers

Well know hotspots can be quite successful but finding new ones can be very exciting.Early November we planned a 9 day trip and the challenge should be to fish every day a new and unknown water.

Armed with several rods out of the new EFFZETT OPTIMUS Series and QUICK FZ DLX FD 920 and 940 we had also some tackle to do some proper testing, we left toward Rotterdam. First thing that some people may have in mind if they hear Rotterdam are likely the 3 large arms of the river Rhine, building a delta.. Sadly these arms get more and more salted and so we looked more for the smaller lakes and arms in the Rhine Delta. Due to the current in the smaller arms and the separation in many smaller lakes, the salt level will stay under critical levels.

First Morning and bevor light we decided for a promising looking spot. We are used to the very good casting abilities of the Effzett 8-Braidbut we did not expect the casting power of the Optimus Spin H and with the first cast we dumped the Longhorn shad on the opposite bank between some large rocks.

Second cast was more gentle and some vibrations showed me right away that a fish was interested. Seconds after that the tip was pulled over and a firm strike put me in contact with the first Zander of the trip. New water, second cast and a 60cm Zander – result! After such a result our confidence was sky high but we land hard on reality the next days. No matter if we fished in a lake or in the river, the cold easterly wind made it very tricky and we just received some ultra vary takes and strikes resulted in nothing. We eagerly waited for sunset, hoping that the predators will be more active. The last half hour of day light showed us some bigger perch and pike hunting for small prey and the decision to tackle for smaller
lures or to larger baits was on the cards. We went for the bigger baits, transported to the likely spots by the Optimus Lure shooter. Bigger lures in darkness worked very well for us and after tough fishing in daylight, the dark hours brought us many takes by zander. The new tactic resulted in clear and hefty takes and we fished every night past midnight.

The last days of the trip saw us tackling the predators from a boat; we had to test also the vertical rods. And again daylight was slow, fishing wise. But after dark the whole scenario was different! In one quarter of an hour I caught for example 4 perch, all in the high 40s! Small shads fished on the Effzett Vertical rod was the gear for that and I was amazed about the sensitivity of the rod and how good even gentle takes are transmitted up the line and through the rod in my hand. What a hard week it was, exploring new waters, from the bank and from a boat, testing new gear and trying to cover many fishing technics was work. That the fishing in daytime was so slow made it even harder but finally we managed to catch 82 zander, various perch up to 50cm and some pike between 75 and 109cm.

Andy Breker