When we developed this jerkbait we took pride in making them resemble a real fish as much as possible. Using the latest transfer printing technology we managed to practically copy the reel fish scales on these baits, fooling even the biggest pike. It doesn’t get much better than this. The Jerkstars are so perfectly balanced that even with a normal spinning rod and reel it is surprisingly easy to get the perfect walk-the-dog action. When we chose the colours we mainly focused on fish that are high on the menu of pike and zander.

  • Ultra-realistic look
  • Rattling
  • Shallow running
  • Two ultra-sharp EFFZETT® trebles
  • Available in six different colours
Item NumberProduct NameColourSizeWeightSwimming ActionDepth Range
5639 001EFFZETT JERKSTARRoach140mm53gSlow Sinking1,00-1,50m
5639 003EFFZETT JERKSTARPerch140mm53gSlow Sinking1,00-1,50m
5639 004EFFZETT JERKSTARMirror Carp140mm53gSlow Sinking1,00-1,50m
52634EFFZETT JERKSTARFire Tiger140mm53gSlow Sinking1,00-1,50m
52635EFFZETT JERKSTARAurora Black140mm53gSlow Sinking1,00-1,50m
52636EFFZETT JERKSTARPike140mm53gSlow Sinking1,00-1,50m
52637EFFZETT JERKSTARFlashing Roach140mm53gSlow Sinking1,00-1,50m