Hand made rods for the increasingly popular technique of deadbait fishing for pike. The long length is specially designed for fishing from the bank. The shorter on is meant for fishing from out of a boat. These rods possess the perfect casting weight and action to cast, for instance, a 20cm dead roach, set the hook properly and fight an angry monster pike. Modern design and superb finishing. And, very important, offered at very affordable prices.

Item NumberProduct NameLengthTransport LengthPiecesTestcurveWeightGuides
52654EFFZETT PIKE DEADBAIT 270 - 9" - 3.00 LB2,70m145cm23,00lb254g6+1
2654 300EFFZETT PIKE DEADBAIT 300 - 10" - 3.00LB3,00m158cm23,00lb287g6+1
2654 330EFFZETT PIKE DEADBAIT 330 - 11" - 3.00LB3,30m172cm23,00lb350g6+1
52655EFFZETT PIKE DEADBAIT 360 - 12" - 3.00 LB3,60m190cm23,00lb387g7+1