You probably know the story of beauty and the beast? Did you also know that it ends by the beast eating the beauty. This proved to be the story with the Eisvogel.

Our Eisvogel lure is a true masterpiece. Beautiful, elegant and extremely effective for predators looking for an excotic snack. The paint job on the Eisvogel is even better looking than the real kingfisher – And, it catches the fish, looking for that rare snack.

Eisvogel is the German word for Kingfisher. The name, Eisvogel, means icebird, but originally it descent from iron bird. This refers to the deep blue and almost metallic look that this beautiful creature has. This is also very recognisable in the Effzett Eisvogel.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 13.05.24

When you see a kingfisher portaited on photos or in paintings, it often sits majestically on a branch with its chest pushed out from under its orange beak, scouting to find its next meal. When the kingfisher spots the prey, it only takes a fraction of a second to get airborne and dive into the waters to grab the unknowing fish.

The kingfisher disguise it predatory capabilities by its beauty, but under the surface is another creature waiting. The pike is an opportunist that is known to attack all animals that are smaller than itself. The Effzett Eisvogel proves that even a beauty like this can be devoured by a beast lurking under the surface.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 13.08.21

Max Miederer in the testing phase. It is safe to say that it went pretty will, when looking at that smile.

The Effzett Eisvogel is a true piece of art. The lure has an intriguing walk and has proven to be extremely effective in triggering explosive strikes, but it is all about the feeling. “The reason why we created this lure, was because we wanted to create something the world has never seen before and give it a beautiful and artistic look. It’s an innovative, functional piece of art that tells a story of fishing with something different, beautiful and ultra effective” Product Manager Maximilian Mirederer at Effzett explains.

The lure dives slowly into the dept of the water and create a very attractive walk underneath the surface. The beak is beautifully integrated in the spoon that digs into the water.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 13.11.57

Available in 4 fantastic colors – European kingfisher, Asian kingfisher, brown and the always excellent firetiger.

Check out below, how it moves under water. Irresistable!